Major League Table Tennis 2023 Inaugural Draft Results

Draft Results

Global Showcase: 8 Teams, 64 Co-Ed Players from 24 Nations

New York, NY – Major League Table Tennis (MLTT)  has unveiled the results of its inaugural draft. An impressive line-up of 64 players, hailing from 24 countries globally, are now officially drafted into 8 formidable teams representing 8 cities across the USA.

The historic and first-ever first overall pick went to the Carolina Gold Rush and head coach Alex Yang, who selected 28-year-old French international star Enzo Angles (pictured above). He was followed by Daniel Gorak to the Florida Crocs, Jinxin Wang to the Princeton Revolution, Amy Wang to the Texas Smash, Damien Provost to the Chicago Wind, Wenzhang Tao to the Bay Area Blasters, Nikhil Kumar to the Seattle Spinners and Jiwei Xia to the Portland Power — to close out the first round.

To view in the full draft in its entirety, watch below:

The draft heralds the debut for the launch of the first  professional table tennis leaguein the United States. MLTT features a dynamic, team-based format combining singles, doubles, and the first-ever Golden Game where players alternate every 4 points in a race to 21.  The Texas Smash made a statement in the draft, choosing Amy Wang with their first selection, securing her as the 4th overall pick. This cutting-edge format defies traditional conventions, emphasizing that skill is not defined by gender, and promises fans pulse-pounding and unforgettable gameplay. 

Lane expressed his enthusiasm stating, “The introduction of MLTT isn’t just another sports league.We’re elevating the Olympic sport of table tennis from its traditional confines to the forefront of mainstream sports. The MLTT organization, coaches and players are excited about this new venture and we encourage fans worldwide to tune in for some exciting action.”

As the USA’s first professional table tennis league, MLTT is primed to reshape the sport’s landscape and present an unmatched spectacle. The action-packed season commences on Sep. 15 in the scenic city of Daytona Beach, Fla.

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MLTT Draft Results