Major League Table Tennis to Debut on ESPN2 Ocho

ESPN 8 the Ocho


NAPLES, FL, July 29, 2023 – Major League Table Tennis (MLTT) is excited to announce its upcoming appearance on ESPN2’s ‘The Ocho’, scheduled for August 4th at 5pm EST. This milestone event highlights MLTT’s diverse player base, representing over 40 countries, in anticipation of the league’s inaugural season.

The broadcast will offer an unprecedented dive into the universe of professional table tennis – an Olympic sport and one of the most viewed globally – featuring exclusive match highlights, insightful player interviews, and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. This broadcast serves as the perfect preamble to the eagerly awaited inaugural team play season, set to start on September 15-17 in Daytona Beach.

“As an Olympic sport and one of the most viewed sports globally, table tennis has mesmerized audiences with its intensity and finesse,” says Flint Lane, CEO and Commissioner of MLTT. “We couldn’t be more excited to be featured on ESPN2’s ‘The Ocho’, especially since we formed the league less than six months ago. Leveraging our unique blend of athletic talent and cutting-edge technology, we aim to invigorate the U.S. table tennis landscape and deliver an electrifying experience for fans nationwide.”

Adam Bobrow, globally recognized voice of table tennis will be providing commentary for this event and added, “MLTT’s showcase on ‘The Ocho’ is a long-awaited chapter for table tennis in the U.S. Globally, table tennis is massively popular and I’m thrilled that MLTT is bringing professional table tennis to the US.”

MLTT extends its gratitude to ESPN2 for this remarkable opportunity and invites all sports fans and table tennis enthusiasts to tune in on August 4th at 5pm EST.