Mathias Habesohn

Mathias Habesohn

Passionate and dedicated, Mathias Habesohn has dedicated his life to table tennis, both as a player and a coach. His love for the sport and more than 13 years of experience working with professional table tennis players set him apart as a figure of authority in the game.

Coach Mathias HabesohnAs a former professional player himself, Habesohn was a member of the national men’s table tennis team and even achieved the remarkable feat of reaching the Pro Tour Grand Finals in men’s doubles, a distinction reserved for the top 8 doubles of the season worldwide. Throughout his playing career, he rubbed shoulders with table tennis legends like Werner Schlager, Chen Weixing, and Robert Gardos, gaining invaluable insights from some of the game’s finest talents.

Transitioning to coaching, Habesohn was the head coach of the Austrian national team, further honing his skills during a six-year stint at the renowned “Werner Schlager Academy.” There, he collaborated with some of Europe’s elite players, a testament to his caliber and expertise.

Table tennis runs deep in the Habesohn family, with both of his brothers also making their mark in the sport. Notably, his brother, Daniel Habesohn, ranks among the world’s best players. Their combined prowess was evident when they clinched the European Championships in men’s teams together in 2015, representing Austria. Habesohn credits much of his success to his mother Sonita, who “brought us this beautiful sport…her passion for the sport is unbelievable and without her all three of us couldn’t have made it in table tennis.”

Mathias’s coaching journey has seen him guiding players in premier tournaments, from the Olympic Games to the World Cup, World Championships, European Championships, and beyond. While he humbly doesn’t claim to be the ultimate coach, his relentless passion, unwavering commitment to enhancing his knowledge, and a rich tapestry of experiences make him an exemplary choice for any table tennis team.